Welcome to Orchidville

Even though Orchidville has moved to a new location down the road, just a stone’s throw away from our previous location, we are offering the same unique shopping and dining experience to our valued customers.

With our newly constructed and renovated premises, we are now able to bring the uniqueness of nature’s ecological environment to our customers, in an even better location and environment.

Aside from the unique dining experience offered by Forrest, our in house restaurant with spectacular views, for all green-fingered gardening enthusiasts, we also have a special area dedicated to the retail of ornamental pot plants and orchids.

All our plants have been skillfully cultivated on the premises in spacious nurseries in order to produce premium quality plants. Aside from orchids, cordyline and japanese bamboo make great gifts and are a stunning addition to any home, office or garden.

Our large selection of plant containers, flower pots, energy fertilizer, vases, urns, soil, sand, gardening tools and accessories such as spades, special weeding tools,hanging baskets and wheelbarrows are conveniently located in a large display floor for ease of customer browsing, making Orchidville a one-stop place for all your gardening needs.

Come in and experience it first hand for yourself today!

The ROYAL GREENHOUSE Garden - Open for Viewing

With the use of natural and sustainable materials at the heart of the venue's design, the unique design of the venue finely balances functionality, sustainability and beauty and provides a serene place to escape the rat race. The venue aims to eliminate boundaries between interior and exterior spaces by bringing the tranquility and beauty of nature inside, for guests to experience.

Unique features of the Royal Greenhouse Garden:

  • Vertical indoor landscaped garden spilling over with tens of thousands of living plants and herbs, forming the backdrop.

  • Grass carpeted flooring throughout the venue.

  • Rustic wooden floorboards.

  • Open and well ventilated design to take advantage of the cool and airy natural ambience.

  • Use of natural lighting throughout in order to enhance the sustainable design of the venue.


Orchidville’s boasts a Farm-to-Table philosophy and serves vegetables from its own vegetable garden.

These farm grown vegetables are also available for Sale on the premises...

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Flowers and plants retailing at nursery special price.


Lucky Yu Sheng (GUI FEI ABALONE)
Fish Maw with Crabmeat and Dried Scallops
Crispy Roasted Chicken
Fried Prawns with Mango Sauce
Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetables
Seabass with Hong Kong Sauce
Special Ee-fu Noodle
Double Boiled White Fungus with Longan


Lucky Yu Sheng (GUI FEI ABALONE)
Sharks Fin with Three Treasures
Special Pork Knuckle
Fragrance Golden Salted Egg Prawns
Mushroom and Pacific Clams with Seasonal Vegetables
Steamed LIVE PATIN Fish
Mini Fragrance Lotus Rice
Double Boiled White Fungus with Longan


Lucky Yu Sheng (LOBSTER)
Mini Fo Tiao Qiang
Special Pork Knuckle
Dragon Beard King Prawns
Abalone with Seasonal Vegetables
Steamed Live SOON HOCK with Special Hong Kong Sauce
Mini Fragrance Lotus Rice
Mango Crystal Popping

5 pax: $268, 6pax: $308, 7pax: $348, 8pax: $368, 9pax: $408, 10pax: $428

5 pax: $338, 6pax: $388, 7pax: $438, 8pax: $468, 9pax: $508, 10pax: $538

8 - 10pax: $838

Chinese Tea, Lime Juice, Lou Han Guo, Soft Drinks, Heineken/Tiger Beer and House Wine

* Subject to 10% Service Charge & 7% GST

RETAIL - A Great Shopping Experience

Come in and see for yourself

We have an extensive range of cut flowers, ornamental pot plants, gardening accessories and beautiful floral arrangement pieces.

FORREST - Dining for all Seasons

Forrest is an innovative rainforest-themed restaurant that is decorated to capture the essence of dining in a unique ecological environment.

Try our house specialties such as Asparagus sauteed Tiger Prawns, Golden Pumpkin Prawns and Kampong chicken with XO sauce.

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